Starling can deliver one stop EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) solutions to its customers. With our vast network of experts and mix of global and local suppliers, Starling is in a perfect position to undertake complex and unique projects, and deliver quality and timely solutions meeting industry safety standards. Starling can work in different combination of responsibilities depending on customer requirements. It can be an EPC contract including complete construction of infrastructure and supply and commissioning of production machinery and systems or it can be a Procurement Management contract whereby Starling supports only in procurement and qualification of production machinery and support systems whereas construction of infrastructure is taken care of by customer locally. Starling with its team of experts and its numerous experience, can suggest the best equipment, machinery and system with the right blend of economy and quality. Turnkey execution method for project brings in several advantages to the Owner. These include –

  • Single Point Responsibility. This is the major advantage. There is no need to interact with multiple agencies. All responsibilities regarding Cost, Timelines and Quality reside with the Turnkey Contractor
  • Faster Project Delivery. Time lost in identifying suppliers/ contractors, floating inquiries/ tenders, evaluating multiple bids and awarding contracts significantly reduced. In addition, the time lost in multiple agency coordination during Design and later on during the Implementation Phase is significantly reduced
  • Responsibility of meeting required output. All the contractors and equipment suppliers are under one Turnkey contractor. Turnkey Contractor bears all risk of integrating Design and Performance of all packages
  • Reduced Administrative Burden for Owner. Significantly lower number of contracts to be managed. Administrative support staff required is significantly reduced. Owner can concentrate energies on other fronts marketing, technology sourcing, etc.
  • Streamlined Contractor / Consultant Interface
  • Fewer Changes. Also Implementation of Changes simplified
  • Guarantee on Pricing. Risks reduced significantly